Denton Starrise Series 2013

The Denton Starrise Series is a free event at the Denton Civic Center on Fridays in June and July. A variety of local artist put on delightful programs, starting at 8:15pm each of those Fridays.

This year Just Fabulous is in charge of the Evening of Bellydance on July 12.** Come out to the Civic Center and see some amazing local talent and then hit up your favorite local restaurant or the Oak Street Draft House after and make a real Denton night of it!

** Note: The City of Denton webpage lists us on June 28th. They got our dates switched with the amazing juggling group. I promise, we will dance on the 12th!

It is time.

Just Fabulous is getting a website revamp. Clearly the software we were using for our old site was inadequate. Missing text, corrupt links, it just will not do.