About Our Troupe

Just Fabulous at the 2012 Ahlan Cairo Nights Zeffa

Just Fabulous at the 2012 Ahlan Cairo Nights Zeffa

The founding members of Just Fabulous, after collaborating on a trio performance with Jessica Dawn, Miss Red and Angela starting dancing together more and more.  After perfecting a duet performance, Miss Red and Angela decided they had become Just Fabulous!

Just Fabulous has studied a variety of belly dance styles over the years: Egyptian, Turkish, Roma, American, Dance Oriental, American fusion, and even Bhangra. Always focused on fun and improving technique, we love to share what we have learned with others through teaching and performances.

As with any troupe, membership has occasionally fluctuated but Miss Red’s former students Maribel and Niko advanced enough (and enthusiastic enough) to become official troupe members in 2010.

Jenna is our most recent addition; she joined in summer 2011. Her sense of humor and fun really blended well with us in rehearsals and her sass and sophistication match us in performance. We are glad to have her dance with us as often as she can.

Angela served on the board of Kismet Stage Events, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to the empowerment of all dancers, regardless of age, size, or skill level. Miss Red taught belly dance classes in Denton but is currently on hiatus, and her students join us for some performances as The Fabettes!