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Angela at the Dallas Fair Park, Hall of State. Texas State Fair 2014.

After completing her BFA in Theatre at Southwest Texas State University, Angela moved to north Texas and in short order discovered belly dance.  Angela uses belly dance to help maintain a strong body, flex her creative muscles, and express her inner Diva.  Angela has danced for audiences in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and even Milwaukee! While she enjoys the earthier styles and Bhangra, her heart belongs to Egyptian and American Oriental styles of belly dance. Angela is co-founder of Just Fabulous.

Angela teaches regular classes through the City of Corinth at The Woods Rec Center on Wednesdays as well as private lessons and custom choreography when not practicing with the troupe.

Angela performing a veil routine at Kismet Fort Worth

Angela performing a veil routine at Kismet Fort Worth

When she is not dancing or teaching, Angela is a not-so-mild-mannered administrative coordinator at the University of North Texas.